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~Page 7~  Royal Doulton Figurines

Royal Doulton figurines, Solitude, La Sylphide, Giselle, Giselle -The Forest Glade, Owd Willum, Reverie
Lady from Williamsburg, Gentleman from Williamsburg, Boy from Williamsburg, Rest Awhile
Blacksmith of Williamsburg, Royal Governor's Cook, Silversmith of Williamsburg, A Child from Williamsburg
Daffy Down Dilly, Votes For Women, Miss Demure, Daydreams, Embroidering, Margaret HN1989

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Royal Doulton

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Royal Doulton Figurines
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Royal Doulton
Votes For Women
Sale Price: $299
Votes For Women
"Votes for Women"
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Royal Doulton "Votes For Women"
HN 2816
A rarely seen figurine depicting a woman suffragette
holding a 'Votes for Women' sign and a flier
to distribute to anyone who will listen.
Design by W.K. Harper
Issued only 3 years...Hard to Find!
Issued 1978-81
9-3/4" Tall; 24.7 cm
Mint Condition!
ON SALE! $299

Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $2
click on photo- rear view
Sale price: $225

Royal Doulton SOLITUDE HN 2810
One of my favorites!
Lovely and rare figure of woman reading a book on her
settee with her white cat lying beside her
Colorfully  painted!
Designed by M. Davies
5.5 inches tall
Produced 1977 and 1983
Superb condition.
Our Price: $250 USD
Sale Price: $225
Royal Doulton
Early Model
Sale Price: $199
daydreams 1731a
Doulton "Daydreams"
stock photo
Red & yellow roses
lick photo
Sale Price: $199
RARE EARLY Royal Doulton Daydreams HN 1731
An early and hard to find version with red and yellow roses bouquet
Beautiful, hand-applied roses...intricate detailing!

This version produced in the 1930's-early 40's
Very nice condition!
Sale Price: $199
Royal Doulton
Royal Governor's Cook
Sale Price $3
Royal Doulton Royal Governor's Cook
"Royal Governor's
click photo
Sale Price: $369
Royal Doulton Royal Governor's Cook  HN 2233
The most popular figure from the
Figurines of Williamsburg Collection!
The Governors Cook is a perfect addition
to any Black Americana collection.
Extremely hard to find!
Issued 1960-83
6" Tall; 15.2 cm
Excellent Condition!

Our Price: $399
On Sale! $369
Only one left in-stock!

Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $259
Doulton "Giselle"
click photo
Price: $259
Royal Doulton Giselle HN 2139 - RARE!
Issued 1954-69
An early model of a charming dancing figure
The ballet Giselle is based on the legend of the Wilis:
maidens who die before their wedding day
and leave their graves at night to dance in their bridal dress.
Superb Condition!
Our Price: $299 
ON SALE! $259
Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $
Doulton "Embroidering"
click on photo
Sale Price: $
Royal Doulton Embroidering HN 2855
With her basket of colored embroidery thread by her side,
a  woman sits embroidering a beautiful floral design.
A perfect figurine for all those who love to do needlework!
Issued 1980-90
7 1/4" Tall; 18.4 cm
Our Price: $225
Sale Price $199
Royal Doulton
Miss Demure
Model HN1402

Royal Doulton Miss Demure
Doulton "Miss Demure"
lick photo
Sale Price: $179
Royal Doulton Miss Demure HN 1402
Young & pretty in her pink dress
and  her tassled parasol in one hand,
and her red handbag in the other
Hand painted and crafted fine bone china
Designed by the incomparable Leslie Harradine
circa 1930-75
7-1/2'' Tall; 19.1 cm
Excellent Condition!

Royal Doulton
Model HN1989
Sale Price: $3
Doulton Margaret 1989
Doulton "Margaret"
Click Photo
Sale Price: $3
Royal Doulton Margaret HN 1989 - RARE!
Very hard to find!
Beautifully painted vintage figure
Designed by L. Harradine
Issued 1947-1959
Stands 7.25 inches tall
Pristine condition
A collector's dream!
Our Price: $389

ON SALE! $349
Royal Doulton
Doulton Reverie
Doulton "Reverie"
click on photo
Price: $199
Royal Doulton Reverie HN 2306
This stately lady  dressed in a flowing
peach gown, relaxes on her settee
reading her favorite book
Designed by M. Davies
Issued 1964-1981
Perfect condition
Our Price: $199

Royal Doulton
Boy from Williamsburg
Boy from Williamsburg
"Boy from
lick photo
Sale Price: $115
Royal Doulton Boy from Williamsburg  HN 2183
Striking colors! Superb detail!
This life-like figurine from the Williamsburg collection
 is hard to find!
Issued 1969-83
5-1/2" Tall; 14.0 cm
Like New!
Royal Doulton
A Child from Williamsburg
Model  HN2154
Child from Williamsburg
Royal Doulton
"Child from
Sale Price: $99
Royal Doulton A Child from Williamsburg HN 2154
An adorable young girl figure...
A perfect complement to the Boy from Williamsburg!
5 1/2 inches tall.
Issued 1964-1983
Nice condition!
Royal Doulton
Rest Awhile
Royal Doulton Rest Awhile
Royal Doulton
Rest Awhile
Royal Doulton Rest Awhile HN 2728
Issued in 1981-1984
Short production span so limited availability
With her basket of goodies on her lap, this
gentle woman apparently decided to rest awhile before
reaching her destination.
Large 8 inch figure
Excellent condition
Royal Doulton
Daffy Down Dilly
daffy down dilly
"Daffy Down Dilly"
click photo
Royal Doulton Daffy Down Dilly HN 1712
Lady with green dress and apron carries
her daffodils for sale.
Designed by Leslie Harradine
An olde favorite that's becoming quite rare!
Issued 1935-75
H: 7-3/4 inches; 19.7 cm
Very Nice Condition!
Royal Doulton
La Sylphide
Doulton "La Sylphide"
ick photo
Royal Doulton La Sylphide HN 2138
This figure is from the popular ballet, Les Sylphides,
a series of dances with music by Chopin.
A Very Rare M. Davies model
Issued 1954-65
7" Tall; 17.8 cm
Excellent Condition.
Royal Doulton
The Forest Glade
Forest Glade
Doulton "Giselle"
The Forest Glade
lick photo
Royal Doulton Giselle, The Forest Glade HN 2140
Designed by M. Davies, this figure shows Giselle
as a Wilis dancing in her wedding veil.
A very hard-to-find Doulton figure
Issued 1954-65
7" Tall; 17.8 cm
Excellent Condition
Royal Doulton
Owd Willum
owd willum
Doulton "Owd Willum"
lick photo
Royal Doulton Owd Willum HN 2042
Poor Ol' Owd Willum strains to hear the conversation
while taking a break to drink a cup of coffee.
A unique and very detailed sculpted piece
Issued 1949-73
6 3/4" Tall; 17.2 cm
Superb Condition
Royal Doulton
Lady from Williamsburg
lady from williamsburg
"Lady from Williamsburg"
ick photo
Royal Doulton Lady from Williamsburg HN 2228
This stately lady of Williamsburg takes a moment
to rest on the garden bench.
Issued 1960-83
6" Tall; 15.2 cm
Excellent Condition

Royal Doulton
Gentleman from Williamsburg
gentleman from williamsburg
"Gentleman from
click photo
Royal Doulton Gentleman from Williamsburg HN 2227
This stately gentleman from Williamsburg
takes a moment to relax.
Issued 1960-83
6 1/4" Tall
15.9 cm.
Excellent Condition
Royal Doulton
Blacksmith of Williamsburg
blacksmith from williamsburg
"Blacksmith of
lick photo
Royal Doulton Blacksmith of Williamsburg HN 2240
As part of the series, Figures of Williamsburg,
the Blacksmith figurine realistically depicts
a hardworking tradesman of the era.
Scarce and hard-to-find!
Designed by M. Davies
Issued 1960-83
6 3/4" Tall; 17.2 cm
Superb Condition!

Royal Doulton
Silversmith of Willamsburg
silversmith of williamsburg
Doulton "Silversmith"
lick photo
Royal Doulton Silversmith of Willamsburg HN 2208
A silversmith hard at worksculpting
a piece of precious metal
These Williamsburg figures are scarce and hard to find!
Issued 1960-83
6 1/4" Tall; 15.9 cm
Pristine Condition!
Royal Doulton
Daydreams 1731
Doulton "Daydreams"
Regular Model
lick photo
Royal Doulton Daydreams HN 1731
Highly sought after Doulton figure.
Lovely Daydreams figure in pink with blue trim
Issued 1935-96
5-3/4" Tall; 14.6 cm
Absolutely pristine!

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