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~Page 8~  Royal Doulton Discontinued Figurines

Royal Doulton figurines, Isadora, Rendezvous, Karen, The Cup of Tea, The Mayor, The Judge, Town Crier,
 The Leisure Hour, Springtime, Summertime. Lambing Time, Elaine, Forty Winks, Orange Lady,
Uncle Ned, Stitch in Time, Teatime, Drummer Boy, Professor, Janet, Ninette

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Royal Doulton

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Royal Doulton Fine Bone China Figurines
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Royal Doulton
The Professor
Sale Price: $169
Royal Doulton figurine Professor HN 2281
Doulton "Professor"
lick photo
Sale Price: $169
Royal Doulton The Professor HN 2281
A typical professor pose!
Scouring through a pile of books with his
eyeglasses perched on top of his head
A popular figure among academia!
Issued 1965-81
7-1/4 inches; 18.4 cm
Excellent Condition

Our Price: $179
On Sale! $169
Royal Doulton
Drummer Boy
Sale Price: $325

Royal Doulton Drummer boy
Doulton "Drummer Boy"
click photo
Sale Price: $325

Royal Doulton Drummer Boy HN 2679
VERY scarce and highly collectible!
A large detailed figure designed by M. Nicholl
The drummer boy takes off his shoe to relax
his tired, aching feet after a long march!
A scarce Doulton figurine! A superb design!
Issued 1976-81
8-1/2 inches Tall; 21.6 cm
Excellent Condition
On Sale! $325
Royal Doulton
Town Crier
Sale Price: $169
Royal Doulton town crier
Doulton "Town Crier"
ick photo
Sale Price: $169
Royal Doulton Town Crier HN 2119
The Town crier rings his bell
and announces the news of the day!
A truly magnificent character!!
Stunning coloration and great detail!
Design by M. Davies
circa 1953-76
8-1/2 inches; 21.6
Excellent Condition
On Sale! $169
Royal Doulton
The Leisure Hour
Sale Price: $299
Doulton Leisure Hour
"Leisure Hour"
click photo
Sale Price: $299
Royal Doulton The Leisure Hour HN 2055
Designed by M. Davies
Highly sought after vintage Doulton figurine
Seated in a magnificent tall carved-back chair,
a serene young woman
enjoys her leisure hour by
reading her favorite book.
Amazing detail in this figure!
You can actually read the text in the book!
7 inches in height
Issued 1950-1965
Excellent condition
Our Price: $365
On Sale! $299
Royal Doulon
Sale Price: $199
Doulton The Mayor
Doulton "Mayor"
ick photo
Sale Price: $

Royal Doulton The Mayor HN 2280
Attired in his stately robe and cap,
the mayor stands in regal elegance!
Colorful figure!
Design by M. Nicholl
circa 1963-71
7-1/2 inches; 19.1 cm
Mint Condition

On Sale! $199
Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $149
Royal Doulton Summertime figurine
Doulton "Summertime"
lick photo
Sale Price: $149

Royal Doulton Summertime HN 3137
(Style One)
Part of the Seasons Series
A stylish young woman with a mallet
in her hand plays croquet
during summertime.
H: 8 inches; 20.3 cm
Issued only in 1987
Pristine Condition
A perfect gift for a croquet player!
On Sale! $149
Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $150
Doulton "Springtime"
lick photo
Sale Price: $150

Royal Doulton Springtime HN 3033
Rare! Produced only in 1983
Part of the Seasons Series
Young woman dressed in yellow,
cream and green holding a baby lamb.
RDICC figurine -
Royal Doulton International Collector's Club
Designed by Adrian Hughes
8 inches; 20.3 cm
As New Condition
On Sale! $150

Royal Doulton
Doulton "Ninette"
Large Size
lick photo

Royal Doulton Ninette HN 2379
The older, larger Ninette which is hard to find!
Elegant Ninette swirls around the dance floor
in her yellow gown & gorgeous,
hand-applied flowers in her hair.
Design by M. Davies
H: 7-1/2 inches; 19.1 cm
Stunning Piece in Mint Condition!
Royal Doulton
Orange Lady

Sale Price: $199

Orange Lady
Doulton "Orange Lady"
click photo
Sale Price: $199
 Royal Doulton Orange Lady HN 1953-SCARCE - Dated Coded!
Only a few of these models exist with a date code.
This piece was issued in during WW War  II!
A true collector's piece!

Design by Leslie Harradine,
this gentle-looking woman, wrapped in a green
shawl and wearing a light mint green dress,
carries two baskets of oranges to market.
circa 1940-75
8-1/2 inches; 21.6 cm
Condition: Very Good
No Chips or Cracks!
(Some very light crazing in spots--typical of old figures)
Sale Price: $199

Royal Doulton
Orange Lady

Royal Doulton Orange Lady
Doulton "Orange Lady"
lick photo

Royal Doulton Orange Lady HN 1759
Design by Leslie Harradine
Highly detailed sculpture of a woman in a pink
polka dot dress and a colorful plaid shawl
with two baskets of oranges for sale.
Very realistic!
The oranges look good enough to eat!
circa 1936-75
8-3/4 inches; 22.2 cm
Mint Condition

Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $189
Doulton "Teatime"
click photo
Sale price: $189
Royal Doulton Teatime HN 2255
A charming little lady stands and pours
a cup of tea at tea time.
Nicoll artistry captures this woman's personality--
just look at her face!!
A favorite of collector's!
Excellent condition.
Our Price: $199
On Sale! $189
Royal Doulton
Forty Winks
Sale Price: $175
Doulton "Forty Winks"
ick photo
Price: $175
Royal Doulton Forty Winks HN 1974
Asleep in her chair with her cat by her side and
glasses in her lap, she's taking forty winks.
Design by H Fenton
circa 1945-73
H: 6-3/4 inches; 17.2 cm
Condition: No chips or cracks or restorations
On Sale! $175
Royal Doulton
Uncle Ned
Uncle Ned
Doulton Uncle Ned
click photo
Sale Price: $2
Royal Doulton Uncle Ned HN 2094 - SCARCE!
A hard-to-find companion piece to Forty Winks!
With his loyal dog at his feet, Uncle Ned sits in his
overstuffed chair  and glances over at
his partner who is taking a snooze.
Issued 1952-1965
6.75 inches in height
Superb condition
Our Price: $299
ON SALE! $285
Royal Doulton
Sale Price: $2
Doulton Darby
Sale Price: $250
Royal Doulton Darby HN1427 - DATED!
An Extremely Rare find!
Date Coded
indicating issue date of  1944
Scarce WWII Model!
Modeled by incomparable L. Harradine
Our Price: $275
Sale Price: $2
Royal Doulton
A Stitch in Time
Sale Price: $175
Stitch in Time
Doulton "Stitch in
click photo
Sale price: $175

Royal Doulton A Stitch in Time HN 2352
Another M. Nicoll marvelous creation!
Relaxed in her rocking chair, this seamstress
is putting a stitch in time to get more wear
from the well-worn dress she is mending.
Issued 1966-1981
Excellent shape!
Sale Price: $175
Royal Doulton
Cup of Tea
cup of tea
Doulton "Cup of Tea"
lick photo

Royal Doulton The Cup of Tea HN 2322
Relaxing in her chair with a spot of tea resting her
feet on a foot stool
Her dress is dark blue, the sweater gray
Designed by M. Nicholl
circa 1964-83
7  inches
17.8 cm
Mint Condition
Royal Doulton

Doulton "Rendezvous"
lick photo
Sale Price: $199
Royal Doulton Rendezvous HN 2212
Designed by M. Davies
This stunning lady awaits a special someone
at their rendezvous site.
A Gorgeous figurine!
7-1/4 inches; 18.4 cm
Mint Condition
Royal Doulton
The Judge
The Judge
Doulton "Judge"
lick photo

Royal Doulton The Judge HN 2443 - RARE Matte Finish!
Distinguished British Jud
ge on the bench
Older model
Design by M Nicholl
circa 1976-92
H: 6-1/2 inches; 16.5cm
Excellent Condition
Royal Doulton
Doulton "Elaine"
lick photo
Royal Doulton Elaine HN 2791
Fabulous Elaine with her blue swirling dress & fan
Designed by Peggy Davies
Original 1st edition
circa 1980-2000
H: 7-1/2 inches; 19.1 cm
Excellent Condition

Royal Doulton

Doulton Karen-petite
Doulton "Karen"
lick photo
Royal Doulton Karen HN 4779
From the Petite Series- Best of the Classics
H: 6.75 inches
Brand New with Hand Tag
Perfect Condition
Value sure to increase in the future
Royal Doulton
Karen HN2388
Doulton "Karen"
Large Size
lick photo
Royal Doulton Karen HN 2388
With her arms held high, Karen dances barefooted
clicking her castanets to the rhythm of the music.
Superb artistry!
Hard to find version large original version
H: 8 inches

Excellent Condition

Royal Doulton
Lambing Time
lambing time
Doulton "Lambing Time"
lick photo
Royal Doulton Lambing Time HN 3855
Lovely figurine of a young woman dressed in
a flowing ivory gown with gold accents
Holding a lamb in her arms.
Design by Timothy Potts
circa 1996-98
8 inches; 20.3cm
Excellent Condition

Royal Doulton
Doulton "Isadora"
click photo
Royal Doulton Isadora HN 2938
Modeled after the famous dancer, Isadora Duncan
A fabulous, stunning creation captures the artistry
 and free flowing motion of Isadora Duncan's style!
Issued 1986-92
Full 8 inches tall
With Doulton hang tag still in place!
Royal Doulton

Doulton "Janet"
lick photo

Royal Doulton Janet HN 1537
Design by L. Harradine
This lovely lass carries some beautifully
hand applied flowers in a bowl.
Early model indicated by the Doulton mark used.
circa 1932-95
6-1/4 inches Tall; 15.9 cm

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